Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Wing Bridge Debris Cleanup

The White Wing staff working on getting the #18 bridge cleaned up so that golfers will be able to pass through this morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

White Wing #18 bridge crossing

This was taken at 1:00pm and shows just how much flow we get in Berry Creek after a 4" rain event.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Course Condition Update March 2012

Currently we are having trouble with a few of our greens on both White Wing and Cowan Creek. The greens at Cowan Creek are very temperamental this time of year and we are doing everything possible to get them in the shape that is expected of them. Unfortunately when we are doing the cultural practices needed to improve the greens quality it does not always leave the ideal putting surfaces the day of said practice. Although we always try our best to insure the greens surface is as smooth as possible there are times when they may be less than perfect until they are healthier.
Although the courses are greening up due to rain and some warmer weather we are still not at ideal temperatures for the Bermuda grass to really start growing. A 150 degree combined (90 day – 60 nights) temperature is when Bermuda grass starts to grow at its best. Last week our combined average was 120 so you can see that we are still 30 degrees below what the combined averages need to be. This combined with the rain is leaving the greens saturated and unable to dry out. Wet and cool conditions are not good for the Bermuda grass greens, especially the ones that don’t drain well. We are currently spiking and aerifying the greens that are stressed to help promote air movement into the root zone and help the water drain through them. We also frequently send out soil disease samples to rule out any possibility of a fungus that may be causing additional problems. With some warmer weather and continued cultural practices we will have them healthy and up to “par” early on in the season.