Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Legacy Hills Fairway Bunker Renovation

Legacy Hills Fairway Bunker Renovation               

The Legacy Hills Bunker fairway bunker renovation has started this week and will take place over the next month and half depending on weather delays. We have started on the front nine moving backwards and are currently just removing the old material and checking drainage before installing anything new.
Once the front nine is complete we will move on to the back nine and repeat the process. 

Please take caution while the contractor is working on the bunkers and allow them to continue their work so that we can get through this project as quickly as possible. If they are in your line of flight please take the nearest relief no closer to the hole to take your shot. 

During this time period all of the Fairway bunkers at Legacy Hills should be considered GROUND UNDER REPAIR. This will help minimize any confusion as to what or what has not has been disturbed or worked on by either the contractor or golf course maintenance.  

We will be keeping the communicator and Blog updated on the progress of this project over the next few weeks.