Thursday, September 27, 2012

Employee Appreciation Day

Here are some pictures of the dedicated staff we have here in golf course maintenance. Last week they were able to take a day to relax and enjoy some BBQ while the Superintendents cooked for them. They have done an outstanding job this year and the golf courses are looking great thanks to their hard work.

Course Conditions September 2012

This month we have continued to work on the playability report items such as shrub and plant bed removals, DG/rock work, sodded weak areas and dead tree removals. We were also able to finally get Mini-Verde sod and repair the chipping green at Cowan Creek; we used some of the remaining sod to repair some areas on the course as well. The one big area that still needs to be addressed is the bottom portion of the driving range at Cowan Creek. This area had washed out in the flood a couple of years ago and we have not been able to repair it do to the extent of work it would take.

Also this month we received some much needed rain that couldn’t have been timed better. It rained a few days before we were headed into our Club Championship and it was a nice, steady, soaking rain. Things dried up quickly enough to allow us to get a fresh cut on the courses before the tournaments started and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the players regarding the course conditions for the event. Great job by the Superintendents and maintenance staff!

Looking forward to next month we will be spraying the golf courses with pre-emergent to avoid a “weedy” fall and we will also be over-seeding the Par 3 tee boxes and Driving Range tees for the winter. We have chosen not to overseed the remainder of the tee boxes. This was the same approach we took last year and by using liquid fertilizers we were able to keep them green through the winter months. Once these two items are complete we will focus on the playability report punch list and get ready for the winter.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Painted Tee Markers at Legacy Hills

Over the past year we have had occasional complaints about the visibility of the various colors of the Tee Markers at Legacy Hills. So we decided to figure out a solution that would keep us from having to go out and purchase all new tee markers for the course. You would not believe how expensive these small little objects can be and then you have to multiply that by the five different sets of two. Needless to say it gets costly. So I asked the Superintendent at Legacy Hills (Robert Rodriguez) to try some different paint schemes out to see if we could come up with a solution. We found what we think seems to be answer and have gotten a lot of positive comments back from the players from our recent major events.  Below is an example of what we have done without turning the marker into just a big painted rock.