Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Test Bunker

Test Bunker at White Wing Short Game Area

In an effort to increase the firmness of the greenside bunkers we have taken some sand out of one of the greenside bunkers at the White Wing Short Game area and mixed in a different type of sand. The bunker has been marked with signs and we will evaluate it over the next few weeks to see if we are getting the desired results. This was only done a few days ago so we will need to wait a week or two to let the new sand get mixed in good enough for evaluation. Once we establish that it has worked we will then continue this process out on the course.

July Course Condition Update

Course Conditions July 2012

Over the past month we have been able to get the fairways at all three golf courses aerified. We will try and get one more core aerification done this season on the fairways in conjunction with slicing the roughs in the high traffic areas. The tees have also been done at White Wing and Cowan and Legacy is scheduled for next week.

We have taken out the Sure Play sand in one of the bunkers at the White Wing short game area and mixed in some Caylor White sand so we can use this as a test bunker before moving ahead with the rest of the greenside bunkers on the course. We have marked it with a “Test Bunker” sign and look to get feed back from the Golf Committee members as well as the Playability Sub-Committee members. 

The last of the large core tine aerifications are going to be done within the next few weeks with the exception of Cowan Creek which will have one more additional ¼” core tine aerification before fall. The remainder of the aerifications will be solid tine aerifications with minimal disturbance.

We have been getting areas of the fairways and green surrounds that have been getting too wet due to us trying to keep other areas from getting dry. We are making head adjustments and switching out to different types of heads around the greens to keep the approaches and perimeters dryer to avoid any plugged shots or equipment damage. This is a bigger problem at Legacy Hills due to the design and age of the system so we have started there first.