Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cart Traffic Control

While out riding the course last week I noticed numerous areas were the 90 Degree rule is not being followed. This results in more wear areas on the course, especially between the cart path and fairways. Due to this heavy type of wear, especially on certain holes, this month we will be starting a rotation of Cart Path Only holes between #1 and #9 at Legacy Hills to help alleviate some of the cart traffic wear on those two holes. Below I have attached a photo taken from just a few yards in front of the tee boxes on #6 at Legacy Hills, as you can see there is a heavy wear pattern that has formed and we will have to install more rope and stakes to remedy this problem. The more areas like this that we have, the more rope and stakes we have to put out on the course. I myself am not a big fan of this and would love to see us use less rope on the course altogether. So please try to use the 90 Degree Rule as much as possible and remind the fellow players in your group as well, it can only help the conditions of the course get better. Thank you!