Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2015 Course Conditions

Course Conditions
All three courses are doing well with the exception of a couple of the sodded areas on the White Wing greens that we are keeping a close eye on. You probably have noticed that these areas are roped off and have been receiving extra attention with sand and hand spiking. We feel that they should be fine in the spring but will not hesitate to cut any bad areas out and re-sod them early on in the growing season.  
Playability Items for 2014/2015
The items marked with highlighted green font have been completed or will be completed per the Dec. schedule. The week that we were covered allowed us to get ahead of schedule on the Legacy Hills greenside bunkers.  

White Wing


        GREEN TEE:  Remove and replace the damaged steps; rework entire tee box and re sod with Zoysia turf.    

                        Received Bid and will submit for work when weather is suitable for planting.


        Replace damaged tee monument.  

 HOLE #8

        Major tree trimming needed from the tee area to the green.  Arborist and crew are currently on property  

HOLE #14
        Major tree trimming on the right side from tee to green. Currently plan to be started in house 1st week of February or before.

HOLE #17

        Flower bed left of green and behind the sales center, must be reworked. Round up sprayed week of 1/19 with cleaning and trimming to follow 

Cowan Creek

         Suggest possible DG area under the group of trees on the right side of the fairway. (11/4/14 – limbed up trees, began clearing out underbrush)
(12/9/14 – almost finished prepping area.  Need to hand dig around exposed native rock, then add decomposed granite, then define the border)
Recommend installing more French drains on the left side of the fairway. (late December – early January)(scheduled to be completed on our closed day (1/26/15)
         Continue to improve the drainage issue near blue tee area to prevent DG from washing away with each rain. (January 2015)      (1/20/15 – flushed existing drainage pipe of sediment, cleaned out slot drain, lowered square drainage basin.  Need to replace dg in areas where sheet drainage occurs with a larger rock, add border.  Early February)

         Improve the drainage on the left side of the fairway. (11/10/14 – exposed drainage pipe on the left side near landing area, began unclogging drain from daylight and flushing sediment buildup)
(12/9/14 – finished removing crushed and root-filled pipe, waiting on pipe and fittings delivery.  Still need to install new pipe, re-grade lower drainage area, cut down large willow tree in native)

Legacy Hills
Legacy Hills Greenside Bunkers
A majority of the staff’s time has been spent working on the bunkers and we have almost completed emptying all of the Greenside Bunkers. We will start filling them in with the new sand in February.


         Place native rocks along cart path near green area. Will get rock from native
12/8/14 Area is prepared for rock. Finished 1/19/15
*** Start Date Week of 12/08/14
         Create a DG area under the trees on the right side of the fairway, between the bunkers and the cart path. Will be finished by end of January 2015
         Create a DG area under the trees at the right front of the green.
Will start first week of February 2015

         Large tree on the left side needs trimmed to remove fairway overhang. Finished 1/19/15

         Eliminate two of the 4 exits and repair the remaining 2; make hole "cart path only" until the repair is healed.

HOLE #12
         Trim the trees on the right side of the left blue tee box. Finished 1/19/15
         Install a DG approach to the green tee box. Will start Prepping Feb. 2015
HOLE #14
         Trim the trees on the left side of all tee boxes in Berry Creek. Trimmed trees that we were able to reach week of 11/24/14 Finished 1/19/15

Greens Covering
Per the Greens Covering policy we have had to cover the greens the week of Jan. 4th – 11th. 
Soil Testing
January’s disease samples showed nothing at LH, Rhizoctonia Zeae at a severity of 1 (on a scale of 1-5) at WW and Bermuda Grass Decline at CC at a severity of 3 on the same scale of 1-5. The fungicides to treat these diseases has already been applied.
Audubon Certification
 We continue to update our pesticide record spreadsheets from this year, and will move onto our case studies for each course after the site maps and pesticide records are completed.
GCSAA Certification
Attended 2 GCSAA webinars:
Bolster Turfs ability to use natural defenses against stress 
Expect the unexpected: Plan now to minimize your risk
Attended a full day seminar with the CTGCSA: BMP’s for Irrigation Practices