Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Course Conditions Report

March 2013 Course Conditions 

March has been a busy month with having contractors on site. The White Wing drainage project went well and did an excellent job of handling a two inch rain last week. The sod needs some warmer weather to establish and until then we will keep that area Ground Under Repair. This project was the first one on the list that we wanted to get done in the first quarter with the $30k in operational dollars set aside for course improvements. The remaining items include the trimming of the large tree on #6 at Legacy Hills and the cleanup and grassing of the area left of #8 at White Wing which will both take place in late April.

The Legacy Hills bunker project has been moving along at a good pace even with the rain interruption last week. The reshaping of the bunkers on #3 turned out great and the contractor is currently reshaping the bunkers on #5 and should be done this week.

While all of the work on the courses is keeping us busy we are still working on our Audubon Certification for the three courses. The Superintendents and I are meeting once a week to work on the certification. The environmental plan portion has been finished which puts us about 10% complete.  Also, Jon and myself are working toward our CGCS certification and have started the portfolio process.