Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Course Update and Monday Closures

White Wing Greens Update

Sod preparation has begun and without any further delays from Mother Nature we should receive the TifEagle sod this week. Once the sod is installed we will wait for it to tack down roots and then aerify and roll it out for optimum smootness. This should have the sod tied in and level within a couple of weeks. We continue to aerify, topdress and verticut weekly to help promote growth. We sent in disease samples last week as a precaution and the results came back showing no signs of disease in the greens at this time.

Legacy Hills Greens

The greens that needed sod at Legacy Hills were sodded last week and have already begun to tack down. We will areify the sodded areas and the weaker greens next week to help any of the thin areas heal up and to help smooth out the sod seams. Overall Legacy has really made a drastic improvement over the past two weeks.

Cowan Creek

This past Monday was Cowan Creek’s closed day for golf course maintenance. I thought this would be a good time to give you a snap shot of what goes on during a typical closed day and also how Mother Nature tends to intervene when we are trying to get our work done. Below is a list of cultural practices that we intended to complete on Monday and the adjustments that were made to get as much of it completed as possible.

6/9/14 Cowan Creek Closed Day Plans


1.            Verticut greens 1/8”

2.            Deep tine:  solid tine (3/8”-1/2”) 7” depth

3.            Aerify greens 3/8” hollow tine, 2.0” centers, depth H

4.            Buffalo blow plugs into rough

5.            Topdress greens:  osburn topdressing sand, gate 6, 1st gear, 100/100

6.            Double verticut greens 1/8”

7.            Coco mat drag greens

8.            Fertilize greens with pHusion gypsum:  setting Q – 6.67#/1000 sq ft

9.            Flush greens 90 min water

10.          Salsco Roll greens


Driving Range:

1.            Edge heads on tee and landing area

2.            Mow DR tee (fwy mower), weeds and high grass in landing area (rough mower)

3.            Double aerify DR tee with Aerway (hollow tines)

4.            Aerify landing area with Aerway (hollow tines)

5.            buffalo blow DR tee, water 30 minutes

6.            drum roll DR tee

7.            topdress using WW bunker sand

8.            drag brush DR tee

9.            chop up plugs on landing area using rough mower


Bulk App (21-0-0):  #1-9 Fairways, Rough, Green Surrounds

             B2 gear, setting 7

             Water in 15 minutes



1.            Aerify red, green, blue tees – 3/8” hollow, 2.0” spacing, depth H

2.            Blow plugs off

3.            Topdress with WW bunker sand

4.            Drag sand in

We received over ½” of rainfall from 9:30-11:00 this morning in the midst of our greens aerification.  This, along with a few mechanical problems set us behind schedule and caused us to change our plans.  The rainfall made our plug cleanup messy and time-consuming, so we ultimately only had enough time to complete the PG and holes #1-9 today.  We plan on trying to finish the greens aerification process throughout the week, and we will have to fit our tee and driving range aerification in front of and around play in the coming weeks.

Just a reminder that the Putting Green and Short Game greens at White Wing are closed until further notice.