Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 2014 Course Conditions

White Wing Greens

We are into our second week at White Wing on temporary greens and at the end of the first week we began to see some growth response from our fertility and fungicides. Unfortunately this past week has not helped us at all in terms of recovery for the White Wing greens. The temperatures have been too cool for the Bermuda to have any growth. This puts us another week behind on getting the greens back open. The positive to all of this is that when it was warm during the first week of greens closure we did see a response from the grass. Last week we sent in additional soil samples to a different lab located at Mississippi State. They found that we had Pythium, which is a fungus that attacks the root of the plant. This pathogen was not present in the initial lab results that we sent in at the beginning of April. We have already applied the fungicide necessary to stop the disease. The weather started to cooperate for a few days but we just need more consecutive days of high 90’s low 60’s to promote the maximum growth possible. When the temperatures get back up to the 150 combined range again and can stay there we should start to recover quickly. This spring has been very cool and we are battling Mother Nature at this point.

Legacy Hills Greens

The few greens that we have been struggling with at Legacy Hills are showing similar signs of growth to that of White Wing. The thin areas are filling in and getting healthier and smoother. The number three green has been slower to respond and we have marked the back portion of that green as Ground Under Repair. We will monitor its progress and sod any area on that green that hasn’t recovered in the next couple of weeks.

Cowan Creek Greens

The Cowan Creek greens have healed from aerification and are in good shape. We have recently started taking the height of cut down to increase ball speed and roll.