Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cowan Creek Chipping Green Update

The chipping green at Cowan Creek has been sodded and roped off for the grow-in period. We ask that during this time all players use the lower chipping green at Cowan Creek for their short game practice and allow us time to get the other green established before re-opening.
We have also used some of the Mini-Verde sod on some other areas on the greens that had not completely healed from the spring. We used the remaining sod on the back tee box on #1 at Cowan to establish a small nursery of Mini-Verde. It will be maintained at tee height but will be easily taken down to green height if it’s necessary to use it in the spring for any small repairs.

Access Flag Policy

Just a reminder, with the implementation of the new Access Flag policy we will be painting a line across the fairways 30 feet from the green so that everyone can get an idea of what distance 30 feet is in relation to the green. This will remain in place for two to three weeks while we begin this new policy. Below is a picture of what to look for so that the line can be identified.