Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Wing Drainage Project Update

White Wing #14 Drainage Project Update
 Submitted by: Jonathan Ayers, Supt. White Wing Golf Club

The drainage project on number 14 is well under way and we are very excited to see the finished project. As you know this area has been troublesome for quite some time. The water backs up and swirls on the creek side of the fairway eroding and cutting soil away from the fairway. Also the silt and debris has been building up around both sides of the cart path and water sits for some time after each rain event under the trees and across the fairway in that area.

Before picture showing silt and water collecting in low area.

The project is including a large catch basin and two 10” drainage lines to collect water and divert it underneath the fairway and into the creek. The silt and debris from both sides of the cart path will be cleaned out and taken back down to a grade to allow drainage away from this area and into the catch basin.

This a during picture showing the new catch basin and two 10 inch lines heading toward creek.

At the end of the drainage pipe near the creek a large splash pad and retaining wall will be built. The wall will be approximately 10 feet across and angled toward the creek to minimize the ability of the water during a flood to start eroding the bank back toward the fairway up the drainage line.

This a picture of the excavating near the end of the drainage where the new wall and splash pad will be built.

With no detrimental weather and good quality work days this should be wrapped up in roughly one more week.