Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Course Conditions

Course Conditions

Current conditions are good on all three courses.

Playability Items for 2014/2015

One of the biggest items identified in the playability reports this year was the need for tree trimming to be caught up. We will start to address this in the fall and winter. The “in house” trees will be done by staff and the larger trees will be contracted out. The 2015 budget includes $30,000 for tree trimming that will be shared by White Wing and Legacy Hills. The largest of these areas being #8 and #14 at White Wing and #8 and #14 at Legacy Hills.

The Non-Capitalized Improvements line item includes $55,000 for course improvements in 2015.  We have put in preliminary numbers for each item on the playability report and will complete most of this work in the first quarter.

Legacy Hills

  • HOLE #1

  • Recommend this hole become a "cart path only" hole full-time.
  • Place native rocks along cart path near green area. Will get rock from native

  • HOLE #3

  • Create a DG area under the trees on the right side of the fairway, between the bunkers and the cart path. $1300
  • Create a DG area under the trees at the right front of the green. $300

  • HOLE #8

  • Large tree on the left side needs trimmed to remove fairway overhang. $1400

  • HOLE #9

  • Eliminate two of the 4 exits and repair the remaining 2; make hole "cart path only" until the repair is healed. $1600

  • HOLE #12

  • Trim the trees on the right side of the left blue tee box. $1000
  • Install a DG approach to the green tee box. $300

  • HOLE #14

  • Trim the trees on the left side of all tee boxes in Berry Creek. $5,000
    White Wing

  • HOLE #2
  • Remove and replace DG at the blue tee area. Add DG $800
  • Place river rocks at the curb between the blue and green tee. Use Rock from #6

  • HOLE #5

  • GREEN TEE:  Remove and replace the damaged steps; rework entire tee box and re sod with Zoysia turf. $13,000  

  • HOLE #6

  • Replace damaged tee monument. $800
  • Remove rock walkway and replace with mulch with a rock border. To be used on #2

  • HOLE #7

  • Place river rocks along the cart path between #7 green and #8 tee box.

  • HOLE #8

  • Major tree trimming needed from the tee area to the green. $10,000

  • HOLE #14

  • Major tree trimming on the right side from tee to green. $5000

  • HOLE #17

  • Flower bed left of green and behind the sales center, must be reworked. $400
    We estimate another $10,000 in approach drainage work can be done on holes #14, #15 and #16.
    Cowan Creek

  • HOLE #1

  • Suggest possible DG area under the group of trees on the right side of the fairway. $800

  • HOLE #3
    Recommend installing more French drains on the left side of the fairway. $1000
  • HOLE #5

  • Continue to improve the drainage issue near blue tee area to prevent DG from washing away with each rain. $500

  • HOLE #6

  • Improve the drainage on the left side of the fairway. $1000

  • HOLE #16

  • Expand the DG area at the blue tee box. $600

  • HOLE #18

  • (Safety issue) Place more large rocks adjacent to the cart path in the creek area to minimize the severe drop off. $800
    This totals $33,200 in project work and $22,400 in tree trimming. That leaves us with additional $7,600 in tree trimming and an additional $21,800 in course improvements to be identified and addressed in the second quarter.
    Legacy Hills Greenside Bunkers
    The greenside bunkers will start to be shelled out at the end of November and we will play them as ground under repair as we did at White Wing last year. We will start putting the new sand in place in January and will have the Legacy Hills greenside bunkers complete before March of 2015 if not sooner.
    Legacy Hills Mainline Leak
    The leak under Del Webb has been repaired.
    Pre-emerge has been applied wall-to-wall on all three courses.
    Overseed has been put out on the Par 3 tees, Driving Range Tees and the tees with highest amount of winter traffic.
    We have all three courses continuing to use liquid fertigation for the fairways, roughs and tees. This allows us to fertilize as we irrigate the golf courses.
    We continue to fertilize greens at all three courses with liquid fertilizers.
    Audubon Certification
    All three courses are still working on their site maps.
    GCSAA Certification
    This month I completed two webinars for Continuing Education Units, “You do what with your stimpmeter?” and “Planning for Replacement- How long does this stuff last?”