Monday, August 27, 2012

August Course Conditions

This month wrapped up the core aerifications on the greens and will be going into the busy season without any further major disruptions to the putting surfaces. Cowan Creek will do some small aerifications but nothing very aggressive. The remainder of aerifications on greens will consist of star tine aerifications (solid) and slicing with the Planet Air machine.

Water had been an issue earlier this month due to the COGT having some mechanical problems on their end. They have been very good about communicating to us and keeping us informed on the time frame of the necessary repairs. The system is running well currently and with the recent rain and temperatures we have had little issues as of late.

The test Bunker at White has turned out to be a success and this is the direction we will move to remedy the softness of the greenside bunkers. Currently the Adopt A Hole program Volunteers are being allowed to use sand from the greenside bunkers to do their maintenance on the course and this should help expedite the sand removal process before we add in the Caylor White sand. We plan to start on this during the winter months.