Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why are the Fairways cut so low?

If you notice the first picture, it shows a height cut of 5/8" to 3/4" of an inch. This picture was taken from #1 Fairway at White Wing right of the green tee boxes in an area of fairway that does not get much cart traffic if any. All of our fairway units are currently set at 3/4". In the second picture, which was taken in the center of the fairway at 100yds from the green, you can see that the grass barely reaches the 1/2" mark and is closer to 3/8". Both areas were mowed with the same mower, the same day. It is the wear from cart traffic that compacts the turf canopy which in turn makes it appear as if we cut the fairways to low or "tight".

Monday, April 16, 2012

New April Course Condition Updates

Cowan Creek
Last week we went to a temporary green on #6 at Cowan Creek so that we could sod areas that were thin on the "real" green. The sod job went really well and we hope at the earliest to reopen the green May 1st depending on the overall growing temperatures between now and then. You may also notice that we sodded some small areas on #2 & #16 as well but it was not necessary to close those particular greens because of the location and size of the work. Aerification was also done on the greens last week and they are healing nicely.

White Wing
The #1 green is really the only one that we are concerned about at White Wing, with the shade from the surrounding trees and poor drainage it is usually the one we have to aerify and work on the most. Currently it is starting to fill in and should be up to par in the next few weeks dependent on weather.

Legacy Hills
The biggest issue as of late has been the aggressive growth of the Native areas adjacent to the primary rough. We are currently mowing these areas out where we can with our mowers and obtaining bids to get an additional Level 3 mowing by an outside contractor. Updates to come.