Monday, July 20, 2015

Non-potable Water line break

We have a major non-potable line break under Sun City Blvd. by WW hole #1.  We are in search of a contractor for repairs and are working with the city on re-directing traffic during the repair and possibly before as the road has a hump in it where the water break has pushed the asphalt up.  This will be hurting our ability to water WW & CC as well as some common areas, so we need to get this done asap. This is not going to be a cheap repair and as more information becomes available, we will let all know.  Once repairs begin or we begin redirecting of traffic, we will get the word out to the community to be cautious and careful in this area. 
We have gone into water conservation mode and are currently only watering greens and tees until the non-potable line is repaired. Unfortunately this will require us to go CART PATH ONLY until we can make the necessary repairs. We hope to have Legacy Hills isolated soon, if so it will return to 90 degree. White Wing and Cowan Creek will remain CART PATH ONLY until our water supply is repaired.