Monday, May 14, 2012

Course Condition Update

Course Conditions Update

We received our report back from the USGA and have already implemented most of their recommendations. This means more aerifications for Cowan Creek to address the organic matter build up and to remedy our sodium problems by flushing post aerification. Last week after the deep tine aerification and flushing we have already noticed a difference. With continued cultural practices they will steadily improve.

We hosted the Support the Troops tournament at White Wing on Thursday of last week and besides a little rain it went very well. Being a veteran myself I love to see that our community here is so supportive of our service people. Thank you.

The greens at White Wing are coming in very nicely and with the exception of #1 green they are doing great. We will start plugging out bad spots on #1 this week so that we can get that green up to par with the rest of the greens on the course.

On a side note we had a lightning strike on #18 at White Wing on Thursday night after the storms had come through.

The strike caused all of the irrigation control boxes on #18 to shut off and the trip the breaker located at the shop. We will have to go through this week and test each sprinkler to make sure they are working properly, many times lightning strikes “fry” the solenoids and we have to dig up the heads to repair them.

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