Thursday, July 30, 2015

White Wing Course and Driving Range Open

White Wing Golf Club will re-open tomorrow July 31st and return to the 90 Degree Rule for cart traffic. We ask that you try to avoid any areas that are still dry (they will look brown) and keep carts in the roughs as much as possible. The Driving Range at White Wing will also be open starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Non-potable Irrigation Water Supply Update

The non-potable irrigation water supply line that has been under repair for the past week and a half has been fixed. We are now receiving water to the WW irrigation pond which is the irrigation source for both WW and CC golf courses. We have been running heavy irrigation cycles in order to catch the dry areas back up with the rest of the course and WW will be 90 degree again when we re-open this Friday. CC dries out considerably more due to the soil type that it is built on and we hope to have it caught back up over the next week and a half. The repairs to Sun City Blvd. should be complete in the next week and the road re-opened for its regular traffic routing.