Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Golf Course Update (We are making progress!)

Golf Course Update
Cowan Creek Greens Update
Progress is being made! The greens at Cowan are starting to roll much smoother and the health of the turf is coming back. We still have the low areas to work on, but, with continued aerifications of these areas, we will win the battle. These photos are the before and after pictures of the soil profile of the lower left area on #9 green. As you can see, with just 3 aerifications, we have significantly reduced the amount of Black Layer and provided many channels to let the roots get oxygen, thus producing a healthier plant.


Sand Traps at White Wing and Legacy Hills
With input from the Course Playability Committee and Golf Committee, we are going to be removing some sand out of a couple of select greenside bunkers, to see if it will help with the firmness of the sand. This will be completed and reviewed before the next Golf Committee meeting on June 25, so that we can report our findings back to the Committees at that time. This may or may not be a solution, but, unless this option is explored, we do not know the answer. We are also sending sand samples into a lab to review the specifications of it; this will determine if it matches the specifications that were given to us at the time of construction. This will also let us know if we are dealing with sand that meets the USGA recommended specifications.