Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sun City Golf Club Nursery Green

Nursery Green at White Wing

Those of you who have either played White Wing over the past week or participated in the Open House on Monday probably noticed that we’ve had grounds construction going on between the green on hole number twelve and the tee area of hole number thirteen.  We have had many people stop to inquire about the work and what we are doing there. The answer is that we are building a Nursery Green that can be used by all three of our golf courses.

What is a Nursery Green?

A Nursery Green is a green that is maintained identical to the other greens on the golf course and that can be used for replacement turf on the golf course greens when needed.  In this case our green will be split with two grass variety types. Mini-Verde for Cowan Creek and Legacy Hills and Tif-Eagle for White Wing.
Typically, in the past if we had a weak area on a green or a poor section of green due to an unfavorable spring transition we would have to purchase sod to repair these areas. The problem with this is that the sod farms often times cannot cut sod until later in the spring and not necessarily when we need it. Having our own grass on site will insure that repairs are made more quickly and that we save money on the sod and on the cost of freight to get it delivered.  This nursery green will be a valuable asset to the Sun City Golf Courses.