Thursday, March 24, 2016

Update on Legacy Hills Poa Annua

We sprayed a new chemical that is labeled for use on greens now February 19. It took 2-3 weeks to start working and I can say it's starting to die out now. Both photos are from the back right of #4 green. This is one of the thicker areas of the Poa Annua. 


Cowan Creek Fairway Drainage Update (3/24/16)

This month we have installed drainage pipe in the fairways of both #6 and #9.  We used over 600 feet of pipe in the fairway inside 100 yards on hole #6, and close to 800 feet of pipe in the fairway near the landing area on hole #9.  Both areas were sodded with Bermuda grass overseeded with perennial ryegrass on 3/15/16.  We are hand watering these areas daily, and when the roots tack down we will aerify the area and roll them to level them out.  We also have added leftover sod in other weak fairway areas on the course (i.e. #6 landing area).  For the time being, the areas remain roped off and/or marked ground under repair.  We hope to open them up within a week, but the sodded trenches will remain ground under repair for a few weeks.  The overall goal for the drainage additions are for these troubled areas to dry faster after rain events so that we can open them up for cart traffic sooner.  Thank you for your patience.