Friday, September 6, 2013

Wet Surrounds at White Wing

White Wing Wet Spots

We are encountering a few wet spots around greens and various low spots around the course. The crew and management are in constant communication with each other and continue adjusting water schedules as needed. Sometimes these areas continue to form and warrant more attention to obtain desirable conditions. A few key examples of work in progress and resolving problems are the front of three green and the tee side fairway of #11. Drains were necessary and put in as soon as time allowed. The next two areas on the list are the front of #14 and the front right of #15 greens. The issue at #14 is newer and we have turned off some heads in the area to help alleviate the problem. #15 green also has some heads turned off. #15 has been an ongoing area and we have done some drainage work there in the past. We are going to extend that drainage soon to try and catch some of the water shedding off the green.

In the heat of the summer there is a fine line between not enough and too much. Areas around greens usually are the first to get in these conditions as greens need more attention and also have the most undulation and watershed. We strive to provide the best conditions daily while dealing with Mother Nature and a living, ever changing course.

Jonathan Ayers
White Wing GC