Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pythium on #14 green at Legacy Hills

With the wet, cooler temperatures and a lack of sunlight over the past week we are more likely to encounter fungus on our greens. Knowing this we had sent in our monthly disease samples to the lab on Tuesday 3/10/15. When we came in today 3/12/15 we observed these symptoms of Pyhtium Blight on #14 Green at Legacy Hills. The fungicide to treat for this will be delivered today and sprayed immediately at the curative rates. I have attached a link below that you can click on to get a full definition of Pythium Blight.

Cowan Creek Greenside Bunker Renovation Progress

The weather slowed things down a bit but here is the current status of the greenside bunkers at Cowan Creek.
The back nine greenside bunkers have been renovated and filled with new sand.  Holes #1 and #2 have been shelled, but still need liner and sand to be complete.  Holes #3 and #4 have the new liner, and are in the process of being filled with sand.  Holes #5, 7-9 are finished as well.  All of the bunkers will need sod near the lip of the bunker, but the contractors are waiting for every bunker to be complete before ordering and laying the sod.