Monday, October 22, 2012

Rally for the Cure 2012

Rally for the Cure

Every year at Sun City Texas we have the largest Co-ed golf tournament for the Rally for the Cure in the country. It’s a great cause and we the staff enjoy setting up for it and participating in the event. Each year, starting last year, we started turning the water features pink for the event and breast cancer awareness. At the end of the month we will add a different dye in to turn the water back to blue. This year we also put in Pink putting cups and pink flags for the event. Below are some pictures of the water features.

October 2012 Course Condition Report

October 2012 Course Condition Report

October was a busy month for us due to a heavy tournament schedule. With all of the detail being focused on tournament preparation we did not spend much time on playability report items. We will resume work on those items over the next few months.

Course conditions have really peaked this month and all of the work done earlier in the year has contributed to the conditions we have today. We have had some slight disease pressure on the greens as of late. We sent samples in from each course and the disease pressure was at a level of 3out of 5 for Bermuda grass decline and the Rhizoctonia Zeae was at a level of 4 out of 5. We sprayed a fungicide that covered each of these diseases and will send more samples in next week to see where we stand.

Pre-emerge and overseed has been completed at each course and we are ready to move into the winter months and focus on playability projects.