Friday, September 12, 2014

Dry Areas at Legacy Hills

Last week we discovered a leak behind the #8 green at Legacy Hills, which happens to run under Del Webb Blvd. The line that runs underneath the road is part of our main-line irrigation loop and, by shutting it down, we lose the ability to water at maximum pressure. We had Dig Test come out and identify all of the utilities that we will have to work around, and we have begun digging to try and locate the source of the leak.

Normally any irrigation that runs beneath a road is put in a sleeve in case something like this happens. If this is the case, the repair should go relatively smoothly (famous last words). So in the meantime everything being watered at Legacy Hills right now has to be done manually from the control boxes and in smaller sections rather than a larger “blanket” watering that we get when we run the irrigation cycles from the system at night. This will result in some drier areas on the course until the leak is repaired. We look to have it repaired within the week and it will not interfere with any of our golf events on the schedule.