Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legacy Hills Fairway Bunker Renovation Update

Golf Course Maintenance Update

Legacy Hills Bunker Update
The Legacy Hills Bunker Renovation is nearing its end and should be complete by the end of this week without any weather interruptions.
You may notice that, although the bunkers are complete, a number of them that were reshaped still have black silt fencing around them. This fencing was put in to prevent dirt and silt from coming into the new sand while they were being sodded. Once sodded, we have to hand water the sod for a couple of weeks until the sod has had time to take root.
While hand-watering, it is necessary for us to leave this fencing up to help prevent contaminates from washing into the new sand during this time. During this time please play any of the bunkers with silt fencing as ground under repair.