Friday, November 2, 2012

Legacy Hills Pump Station Repair Work

Due to a failed isolation valve four weeks ago at the LH pump station, the entire underground pump vault was flooded. This resulted in damage of the control panel and pumps in the vault. We were able to get one pump back up and running which has allowed us the capability to water greens and select areas of the golf course. This is why LH looks a bit less green than the other two courses right now. We are well on our way to getting the necessary repair work done and getting the station back to 100%. The irrigation panel and valve work for the LH pump station repair will take place on the week of Nov.12th. The panel will be ready on the 6th but needs to be put on a simulator for two days so that the adjustments to the software can be made before they pick it up and bring it here for install. PMTS will be here next week so that we can lay out the prep work to insure we are ready on Mon. the 12th to start installation.